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To be at the forefront of a practice as critical and volatile as urgent care, it takes unparalleled dedication. At Concur, our passion for helping our community keeps us devoted to our craft. Whether it is for walk-in services, medical appointments, or aesthetics care, from the moment you enter our practice, you’ll sense the genuine enthusiasm our team has for providing exceptional care. Every member of our staff is deeply committed to their role, dedicated to making a positive difference. We go above and beyond because our commitment to excellence and your wellbeing requires that our standards are nothing short of exceptional.

With years of experience in the realm of urgent care, our physicians possess a depth of knowledge that ensures you receive the highest quality care possible. Whether you’re seeking treatment for a common ailment or a more complex medical issue, you can trust in the skill and judgment of our seasoned professionals. With this experience comes a deep understanding and appreciation for the latest advancements in medical research and technology, which is why our facility is always being updated with relevant and cutting edge technology. Our experience and commitment to learning everyday means that you will always receive care that is informed and tested.

Diligence is the final pillar of Concur Urgent Care’s practice, woven into every aspect of our operations. Our team approaches each patient encounter with meticulous attention to detail, leaving no stone unturned in our quest to accurately diagnose and effectively treat your condition. Our commitment to diligence extends beyond the immediate treatment phase, as we follow up appropriately to monitor your progress and ensure optimal outcomes. Whether it’s through thorough examinations, comprehensive testing, or in-depth documentation, we strive to eliminate any room for error in our pursuit of excellence.

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Why Choose Us

Quality of Care: At Concur, our facility and team of physicians are set in place to ensure your treatment is state of the art, efficient, and effective. Our practice philosophy encourages the idea that urgent care services are not just a job, but a responsibility and honor.

Advanced Technology and Facilities: Our practice is consistently learning and improving in our quest for excellence. One way in which Concur ensures we are rising above the competition is by making strategic and regular updates to the technology we have on hand.

Range of Services: Concur’s myriad of offered services include minor injury and illness treatment, medical weight loss, aesthetics, and hydrotherapy, among much more. Our versatility makes a great place to start your healthcare journey.

Convenience and Accessibility: Our extended hours, walk-in appointments, online appointment scheduling, telemedicine options, and ample parking make healthcare services easy, simple, and the way it should be.