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Injuries are common events that people experience in their lifetime. Even though most of them may not be fatal, they can be pretty painful and irritating, depending on the injury’s level. If they are not treated adequately, they may cause other complications. At Concur Urgent Care, we strive to offer time-bound and effective wound care to patients at our wound care center in Johns Creek & Norcross, GA.

Our expert and qualified staff and nurses are available to attend to all your healthcare needs, ensuring your wounds heal as soon as possible while minimizing the risk of developing an infection. Our Wound Care Specialist also treats your chronic or non-healing wounds like ulcers. Schedule your appointment today for expert wound care.

What is Wound Care?

Wound management is a branch of medicine that deals with assessing, managing, and nursing injuries to promote wound healing. Wound care comprises cleansing the wound, preventing the development of infection, and promoting proper healing using specific techniques. Wounds can be classified into two main types: acute and chronic.

Acute wounds are simpler in nature and include cuts, abrasions, and burns. They take a few weeks to heal, while chronic wounds include pressure ulcers and diabetic ulcers that may require a long time for healing and professional intervention. 

Types of Wounds We Treat

Concur Urgent Care can effectively treat a wide range of wounds, including :

Our Wound Care Process

We understand that every wound is unique, and our approach to treatment reflects that. Here’s what you can expect during your visit for wound care at our clinics in Johns Creek & Norcross, GA:

Benefits of Choosing Concur Urgent Care for Wound Care

There are several advantages to choosing Concur Urgent Care for your wound care needs:

When to Seek Wound Care at Concur Urgent Care

While abrasions and bruises may be treated at home, some wounds might require the service of a doctor. Here are some signs that you should seek wound care at Concur Urgent Care:

Wound Care Tips for Faster Healing

Here are some tips to promote faster wound healing:
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